A passion for wellness & education


Dane earned a BS in Exercise Science & Wellness from MTSU with a minor in biology. While in school, Dane served as a medic in the United States Army and then served a reservist for 12 years.

After graduating, he began working for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. The "Y" is one of the nation's largest nonprofit organizations. For eight years he advanced through the ranks. He served as Wellness Director for two centers and opened one center from the ground up. During that time, he experienced every challenge a gym could face. Building and design, generating membership, and staffing provided a unique perspective. This knowledge makes him invaluable to his clients.

Dane also led personal training certifications for all the YMCA staff - organization-wide. His unique style of teaching helped students grasp complicated topics. This teaching empowered them to train their clients with confidence, compassion, and results.

Dane is still involved with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. In 2018 he retired as Board Chair and one of the longest serving Board members. In 2018, the Sumner County Family YMCA recognized him as Volunteer of the Year.

His involvement with community wellness goes deeper than that. He works with organizations to foster greater community support. His company, Dane Fitness, gifts products and training for those who cannot afford it. Dane Fitness donated two entire wellness facilities for two local high schools — Martin Luther King Magnet and Maplewood High. Hendersonville Police Department also received support from Dane Fitness.

Why Coliseum Street Was Formed

Dane believes that Coliseum Street can help rescue the nation from its health care crisis. The nation doesn’t do PE anymore. Anything that has to do with wellness takes a back seat to testing. But studies are showing that activity in young kids might prevent ADHD and other cognitive and emotional disorders. 

As an overweight kid, Dane felt like an outsider much of the time. A friend got him into working out and that gave Dane focus. Later, while in college, Dane sought out that focus again and the exercise and fitness got him “over the hump” when he was dealing with some issues. Working out made him feel better and still makes him feel better. If there had been at his school a program that encouraged wellness and provided good equipment, he thinks it would have provided the focus he needed and helped him make good choices. Dane and his company Dane Fitness have proven the idea of Coliseum Street will work when those with a passion for wellness come together. 

why does Coliseum Street Work? 

Dane pairs the right industry professionals to create a wellness program tailored to your unique working environment.


Dane founded Dane Fitness in 2003 while working toward his PhD in Exercise Science. He learned from his years at the YMCA that a frequent headache—and costly expense—for the organization was equipment maintenance, servicing, and turnover. He watched as equipment sat idle for weeks waiting for repair. He knew how much the Y was paying to store outdated and worn equipment. He understood that equipment issues were a nuisance that no one wanted to deal with, and he came up with a plan. And then he acted. He left the Y and started Dane Fitness. Its purpose is to provide fitness centers with full-service equipment management, including installation, training, maintenance, service, storage, and reselling. Dane Fitness offers a single source for relieving the pain of equipment management. In return, the fitness centers replace an expense with a revenue stream. Once fitness centers realize what Burks offers, they don’t hesitate either.


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Dane and his wife Deanna and their two daughters are an active family and currently live in Hendersonville, TN.

Dane is an avid competitive mountain biker, former IronMan, and now Powerlifter.

His wife Deanna is an olympic weightlifter and runner.

Their two children, Aden & Marni were competitive gymnast, ballerinas at Nashville School of Ballet, and now compete in Jiu Jitsu.